Digital Signatures

Digi-ID™ Digital Signatures

Digital signatures & EU Qualified signatures, make it possible for a person to digitally sign any transaction, file, form or document. The Digi-ID™ makes it easy to sign PDFs, workflow forms and many other electronic documents, forms and other file formats.Read More

Digi-ID™ Xe Qualified Signatures

EU Qualified digital signatures are required for legally binding, transaction signing in accordance with the 1999/93/EC directive. The Digi-ID™ qualified signature can be used to sign PDFs, workflow forms and many other official documents, files and electronic forms. Read more >

Digi-Seal™ Desktop PDF Signer

If you already have a Digi-ID™, Digi-Seal™ DeskTop can sign any PDF document with a single mouse click. It works with Digi-ID™ standard and also with the EU qualified digital signature. You should consider purchasing a Digi-Seal™ & Digi-ID™ discounted 'bundle'. Read more >

Digi-Mail™ Secure Email

Securing your email involves not only the ability to encrypt its contents at will, but also the ability to be sure that the sender of the email is genuine. With Digi-Mail™ these issues are solved with ease. Using Digi-Mail™ Service, endless users can be managed centrally. Read more >

Digi-Code™ Software Signing

Digi-Code™ software signing certificates are for developers that need their software, applets and macros, to be trusted. A single certificate can be used to sign as many files and macros as you like. Digi-Code™ gets rid of those confusing error messages you see. Read more >


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